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Challenges! We're bold, we look at all sides, from inside to outside, digital or offline, creating custom solutions to transform business.

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Our history

How everything happened

We were born in 2015 with the dream of revolutionizing the advertising market of state of São Paulo inland cities, our home. Our view was that a lot could change and for the better, because the long years working in the advertising market in the big cities gave us ideas, inspiration and above all daring to start something new and different.

We rolled up our sleeves, shod our shoes and went door-to-door until we got the first customers. Our work was well done, we made mistakes, we taught, we learned a lot and we became a team ready to revolutionize not only in our backyard, but far beyond it.

Nature, the sound of birds, lunch at home, our simple and friendly way of the inland, helped us to build lasting and remarkable relationships with the advertising geniuses and big businessmen of the big city.

With all this experience, we have strengthened our culture. Today we are an independent agency, young, innovative and with energy to turn any challenge into success!

Inside the agency

A bit of our day to day

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